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External Demolition, Garage & Shed Removal

External Demolition

Demo Pro’s external demolition services cover the dismantling and removal of all kinds of structures including:
  • garages
  • sheds
  • pergolas
  • car ports
  • decking
  • fire places
  • concrete slabs
  • steps
  • paths and driveways
  • Hills Hoists and other washing lines
  • fences and gates
Whatever you need removed, we can do it. For example, at a recent external demolition job in Seven Hills we removed two metal sheds and both their slabs, a couple of concrete paths, an old Hills Hoist clothes line, some Colorbond Gates and a set of steps at the back of the house.

Garage and Shed Removal

While we can demolish all kinds of outbuildings, garage and shed removal is the most popular service. Wherever possible we dismantle the shed into pieces rather than simply breaking it down. Whether this is possible or not depends on the original structure and the condition of the shed. Our shed removal service includes all rubbish disposal. We can also break up the concrete slab your garage or shed sat on, or leave it for reconstruction. Like all our demolition services, external demolition is flexible to your needs.

Please note that planning requirements vary and you may require a permit from your Council to demolish your shed.

Driveway Removal

Most driveways are concrete, but we also remove brick and stone driveways. We remove all rubbish as a part of our service.
Take the hard work out of revamping external areas by using a specialist demolition contractor. Whether it’s paths and driveways, decking, garage or shed removal, contact us for a quote.

Concrete Removal

Many external structures are made of concrete. The best removal method depends on two things – the amount of concrete and the ease of access.
For large amounts of concrete with easy access, we bring in an excavator to break everything up. For smaller amounts of concrete, a jackhammer or a demolition saw is more effective. This could be anything from some steps to the concrete holding your washing line in place. Removal is a simple matter of picking up the chunks of concrete, loading them into a truck and taking them away. We dispose of all waste in approved waste centres.

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