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Custom Internal Demolition

There are many occasions when a property cannot be demolished entirely, but requires significant internal demolition.
  • You may be adding a second storey.
  • You may live in a heritage area or a heritage property and be required to maintain your street façade. You may be adding an extension.
  • You may want one large room where you currently have two smaller ones.
  • If it’s your home, you may just want to preserve certain features.

In these cases, you need custom internal demolition services. And while custom internal demolition is often more expensive than simply knocking the house down, it can lead to cost and time savings on the rebuild, renovation and extension. So you spend more on the demolition, but less on the project overall.

At its simplest, internal demolition involves stripping out ceilings, walls and associated flooring. But it’s not just knocking everything down. A major demolition is more of a deconstruction. You don’t want a pile of rubble on the floor. Cables and wires can be a tripping hazard, so you want them removed promptly or hooked out of the way. Even during demolition, the work site should be clear and well organised. You can be confident that the Demo Pro team have the experience and skills to do this right. When removing gyprock walls, we aim to take the gyprock out in complete sheets wherever possible. This reduces dust, makes it easier to transport waste and is more time efficient. We also move waste out to a collection area or skip bin as soon as we can to keep the workplace clear.

Structural Demolition

Demo Pro is licensed for non-structural demolition. We work with many builders to provide structure and non-structural internal demolition services under their licence. This includes stripping houses down to just the frame.

This kind of internal demolition can take two to three weeks. If you’re a builder, it’s much more effective to contract Demo Pro and free up your trade specialists to do more complex work on other projects.

Adding a Second Storey

Building up requires additional demolition. It’s not just a matter of removing the ceiling. You also need to remove roof tiles, insulation, the roof structure and the joists. You may want to re-use tiles, so simply throwing them down to the ground doesn’t work.

Good communication between contractors is essential. You don’t want the roof removed and no protection over the home during bad weather. That’s where the Demo Pro focus on communication and attention to detail comes into play. We’ll make sure everything happens when it should.

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