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Commercial Strip Out

Commercial strip out jobs are usually associated with the make-good required at the end of your lease. Demo Pro have all the experience and expertise needed for your commercial strip out, including removal of
  • partition walls
  • flooring
  • glass panels
  • kitchen facilities
  • ceiling panels and ceiling grids
  • reception desks
  • communications cables and wiring

We’re also accustomed to working around existing or neighbouring tenants. Depending on the size of the project, we may be able to complete work at weekends for minimum disruption.

Coordinating and planning your commercial strip out makes for a smooth project. Our preferred method is to organise times for the removal of glass partitions; electrical disconnection and removal, then air conditioning. After that, stripping out partitions, desks and fittings is straightforward.

Access and waste disposal

Access can be a concern for commercial strip out work, especially in multi-storey buildings where other tenants are using the same lifts. Good communication and planning is important to keep everyone happy – that’s a key focus for Demo Pro. You can rely on our team to be polite and friendly with everyone in the building.

Waste disposal may be by truck, or it may be more effective to bring in skips, strip out everything and then remove the skips. We look at every job individually to deliver the best solution for your scenario.

We understand end of lease deadlines too! If we’ve committed to complete work in a set number of days, we’ll work late to get the job completed, so you can proceed with your make-good and hand the office back in pristine condition.

Warehouse strip outs

Many warehouses have internal structures which have been built in an ad hoc way. You may have offices, storage shelving, mezzanine levels with stairs or other structures. Once again, at end of lease or when you sell, commercial strip out is required.

Demo Pro will assess your job individually and quote based on the kind of structures you have installed.

For assistance with your commercial strip out or office make-good, Contact Demo Pro today.

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